Our Box

CrossFit Ede - Vallei started as one of the first CrossFit boxes in the Netherlands. Ever since, our team consists of highly-skilled coaches who live and breathe CrossFit.

CrossFit is

powerful workouts

CrossFit isn’t like going to the gym. We don’t use the kind of equipment you can find at the gym around the corner. When training at our box, you’ll be mainly using your own body weight, and a few additional materials such as dumbbells or kettlebells.

That means you can count on getting the type of workout that forces different muscle groups to work together at high intensity.

So whether you’re lifting or pushing heavy objects, jumping high or running like you’re being chased by your worst nightmare, it all leads to refined motor skills, explosive strength, and continuous progression. Which is exactly what you need.

CrossFit is

dedicated coaches

Training at CrossFit Ede - Vallei means you’ve got our full attention.
We take a personal approach to CrossFit, guaranteeing a limited amount of 12 participants per class, and highly skilled coaches who are dedicated to helping you reach your true potential.

Our main concern is making sure your progression is happening in a fast and safe way. That’s why we don’t only make sure to know you by name, but also pay close attention to your movement technique, physical fitness, and future goals. 

Get the most out of your membership, and request a free personal training session with one of our coaches every six months.